Andrea Bianchi


Over the last fifteen years I have worked in communication and digital design creating experiences and products for global brands, artists and not-for-profit organisations. From 2012 to May 2017 I had been Partner and Creative Director for Alquimia WRG
(now merged with White Red & Green), a creative agency focused on design solutions and digital experiences.
In June 2017 I moved to Sydney where I'm currently working as Experience Design Principal at AKQA.


More than fifteen years experience as creative director and experience designer, with a strong focus on digital products. In the last few years I have dealt in design and digital transformation projects, delivering interactive experiences and results-oriented strategies for global brands and not-for-profit organisations.
Some of them include:


Web Experience & Social Activation

We celebrated the 50th of the legendary 911 with a 21 stops Classic Car Tour all over Italy, during which all Porsche lovers, from the admirers to the car owners, could enter a bespoke photo contest. With over 100k visits to the website and 4,9 Million Ad impressions throughout 4 social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest), we were able to launch the Porsche’s online presence in Italy and build from scratch its brand new social ecosystem.

  • Social Media Strategist: Erica Masetti
  • Art Director: Andrea Sghedoni
  • Web Developer: Mauro Constantinescu

Alquimia WRG

Mobile App


A point of reference and an inspiration for the whole creative community. That’s what Alquimia WRG, the agency I founded, aimed to be since day one.
HaiQ, our self promo app, injects some serendipity into the brainstorming process and helps everyday thousands of creatives to crack their briefs. You’re welcome guys!

  • Copywriters: Lavinia Aurelio, Giovanna Favoroso
  • Art Director: Andrea Sghedoni
  • Mobile Developer: Giovanni Galbiati


Website Design & Social Activation


Fabrica, the communications research centre of Benetton Group, is unmistakably one of the temple of today’s creativity.
Alquimia was honoured of telling the World the wonders that happen inside and around its universe, designing their brand new online presence.

  • Creative Technologist: Federico Demartini
  • Art Director: Andrea Sghedoni
  • Web Developer: Mauro Constantinescu
  • Account: Luisa Cobbe

Visit Norway

Interactive Experience & Social Media Campaign


Norway is much more than wonderful landscapes and northern lights. In 2015 we proved it to the World, with the campaign #notjustnorthernlights. Four imaginary characters lead you to unexpected itineraries set in this amazing Country.
Then, with #norwords in 2016 and 2017, we revealed the meaning of some mysterious Norwegian words behind the amazing adventures you can experience in Norway, thanks to Facebook Canvas, a special format designed to deliver an immersive experience for mobile devices.

  • Digital Creative: Lavinia Aurelio
  • Art Director: Andrea Sghedoni
  • Copywriter: Riccardo Ciunci
  • Creative Technologist: Federico Demartini
  • Web Developer: Mauro Constantinescu


Digital Strategy, Art Direction, Website Design


Provocative and ironic, Isaia is the Italian high-end menswear firm that gained a worldwide fame thanks both to its eccentric products and its outrageous communication.

From the website revamp to the e-commerce development, from a bespoke online editorial project, to the concept, design and development of a revolutionary measurement app for the in-store tailors, as Creative Director at Alquimia WRG, I had the chance to help the firm not only to define its online presence, but also to develop new in-house business processes.

  • Co-Creative Director: Paola Manfrin
  • Creative Technologist: Federico Demartini
  • Art Directors: Andrea Sghedoni, Maria Costas Rada
  • Junior Art Director: Marianna Caserta
  • Web & Mobile Developer: Giovanni Galbiati


Global Website Design


I’m not a biker but after this one year project, I became a Ducati fan.
I was in charge of revamping the global online presence of this amazing Company, defining a new user experience, a new visual identity and a new range of country-tailored features.

  • Role: Creative Director, Visual Designer
  • Agency: Oot Milano


Global Website Design & Art Direction


Result of a proprietary technology, Alcantara® is an avant-garde material with unique aesthetic, technical and sensory qualities.
In Alquimia WRG I had the chance to work on the whole Alcantara's digital ecosystem: from the corporate website, to several web experiences focused on the social and environmental sustainability of this 100% carbon neutral material.

  • Co-Creative Director: Paola Manfrin
  • Art Directors: Luca Ciotti, Maria Costas Rada
  • UX Designer: Fabio Bronzoni
  • Project Manager: Luisa Cobbe
  • Creative Technologist: Federico Demartini


Website Design

Domus is one of the most respected architecture and design magazine worldwide, and I was honoured to redesign their online presence.
For this project I had the chance to deepen my knowledge on visual design and information architecture and work close to the editorial staff.

  • Role: Creative Director, Visual Designer
  • Agency: Oot Milano


Online Activation & Web Experience

Let’s face it. Shit happens but nobody likes to think about it.
’Serenity Therapy’ is an edutainment online game that allows you to experience the bright side of an Allianz Insurance policy in real time.

  • Art Director: Davide Di Gennaro
  • Project Manager: Massimo Bellato


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